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This Guy Was Strolling Around The City Telling Random People To “Get Back To Work”. Watch This And See How The People Reacted!

Being an employee always require us to obey rules and regulations within the company were working. There are schedule that we have to follow. But there are just some who can be free to choose whatever schedule they want to have. There are some who have higher positions where they can be free to decide when or what time they can get back to work.

In this video we will be able to see what their reactions are when this man tell them to get back to work. This might be offending but let us see how they react to this man.

If we can see some look so confuse, some react just fine, while others find this man so funny. This advice can sometimes make people feel mad but good thing nobody took it seriously. Looks like white people understand why this guy telling them why they have to get back to work. Obviously they looks so discipline and patient.

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