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See People Running After Seeing Man Wearing A Mask. This Is Hilarious!

Have you tried holding a grenade? If you see one holding it and going towards you what will be your next action?
Will you remain standing? Or will keep on running?

This hilarious prank scared everybody. Watch what they did after seeing a man coming towards them while holding a grenade.

In this video we can see a man wearing a mask. I guess he is wearing that one so nobody could identify his face and that everybody will be more scared thinking the prank as a real life threat for them.

The first victim is the man in black texting while walking. The man with a mask go towards the black man then starting to give him the grenade. What the black man did is ran away.

The second victim is the man with a long hair wearing a white sleeveless shirt. We can hear what the white man said after the grenade was shown to him. He also run away just like what the first victim did.

Another victim is the man in the tattoo shop. After seeing him the shop personnel closed the doors. Everybody thought the person is a terrorist. They find it scary but that is just a prank. Nobody was harmed in the video.

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