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A Couple Were Minding Their Own Business When This Thing Appeared That Creep Them Out.

Are you afraid of ghosts? Or any supernatural creatures? Yes they are really terrifying according to some stories, but what if you encountered one of them on the street while walking at night? For sure, you will run like no tomorrow because of scare. Have you ever watched ‘The Ring’? Well if not Meet Sadako in the video below.

Canal Boom are quickly becoming one of the most interesting pranksters on the internet. And now they are going to show us something with a shock prank that’s out to scare members of the public half to death. Using the petrifying vision of the girl from the classic Korean horror movie (remade in the US with Naomi Watts), ‘The Ring’, check out the eerie way she moves.

Who would imagine seeing Sadako on the street at night? Maybe these people are just too surprised of her appearance that’s why they run, but if they only knew it was Sadako, maybe they will have some autograph to her.

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