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This Crazy Prank Will Give People Some Heart Attack. You Won’t Believe How People Are Being Fooled

If you will see a person wounded while walking on the street what will you do? Will you be able to help him? If not, What if he lose his consciousness? What will be your next move? Are you going to bring him to hospital or just leave him alone?

This prank will show you how people showed their concern to stranger with a slashed face. Watch what they did when they was fooled by the pranker.

From the start of this video, the guy who is doing the prank is asking for the nearest hospital. After asking, people told him where it is. Almost of them feel worried, especially when the guy act like not really feeling well. Most of them feel terrified, but then was turned out being fooled.

Victims never thought it was a prank, they were surprised when the guy told them so. Next time for you not to be fooled, an observation must be first done.

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