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This Guy Did Something So Ridiculous To Unsuspecting People Calling On Their Cellphones! What He Did Is So Hilarious!

Have you experienced calling on the phone then someone is crashing in everything that you are saying? Especially when you are in a public place and someone would intentionally tease you by crashing your call, it’s so annoying and so very irritating.

Just like this video of a man trying to crash people who are calling on the phone in the airport. Though victims got slightly annoyed but it’s so funny to watch. This hilarious video reaches over 11 million views in YouTube.

This hilarious trip is so ridiculous. You know, calling on the phone is private. But this man has the guts to do this kind of trip. Imagine, this man will sit right beside someone who is calling on the phone then he will suddenly give a talk on the phone which is related to what that someone is talking about.

This video will make your day. This is the funniest thing you will see today. PROMISE!

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