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You Will Never Guess What’s On This Road Until You Watch This Video

As I am trying to do some research about funniest video ever recorded, this one captured me. It catches my attention for we all know that Japanese pranks are so very funny that’s why I grab the chance to watch this and share this video for you to make your day.

This video you are going to watch will surely lock your jaw from laughing. This video is called the Japanese sticky glue prank. It is a prank wherein prankster places a sticky glue on the road… real super sticky glue, that those people who passes by along the road which has a glue suddenly got stuck and this will make you surely laugh so hard.

Victim’s reactions are so funny especially those who stumble and fall. You will surely laugh so hard as you watch this video, I’m sure this video will make your day. If you like this video, you can share this to your Facebook or Twitter account. Don’t forget to like and follow us by clicking the buttons below.

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