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This Guy Desperately Asking Every Pretty Girls To Marry Him. What’s The Answer To It Is What you Should Know. Oh, No!

What will you do if one strange guy asks you to marry him without knowing each other? Will you say yes, or no? How will you react to this?

Of course the reason for the query above is no. No for those who are opining. How will you marry a man if you don’t even know him? How will you make your marriage work if you don’t have any idea about each other’s background?

Getting married is not a simple joke where you can just laugh all the time. It all have the joys and sadness, reason why couples should take it seriously. However, in this video something inconsistent happened. Watch this video for you to know.

This marriage proposal is simply a trick. This is to find out how the ladies react to this kind of joke. The experiment shows almost all of the ladies says a big yes! Probably they already know that it is just a prank, or probably most of the white ladies are all used to it? Either of them is the answer, if this certain things happen to you, never dare to say yes, not unless you know the person very well.

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