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This Referee Have Been Hyped, Dunks A Ball From An Alley-Oop During A Basketball Game- Unbelievable

We all love different sports. Some love basketball, football, baseball, boxing, and many more. But now, we’ll be talking about basketball. Basketball was created in America and until today, it’s still a worldwide hit. This game is composed of 10 players, 5 in each team and with 3 referees. Referees are the ones who calls for different violations. But how about when a referee joins the ballgame?

This is what happened to a “game” wherein a referee dunks the ball from an alley-oop that should be for the passer’s teammate.

Watch this hilarious video of a referee who joined the ballgame and dunked the ball. Incredible!

That was awesome! What do you think?
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(h/t: beatlogproduction )

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