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Ibrahim Hamato A Man Playing Table Tennis With No Arms! He’s Incredible!

Nothing is impossible! We may lose our feet, lose our sight, lose our hearing and even feelings but come to think about life. We still have life to continue, and a life to enjoy. This line fits to this amazing video of a man playing table tennis though he has no arms.

Ibrahim Hamato is the guy I am trying to say. He lost his arms at the age of 10 when got into an accident. And because of this delirious event happened to him, his dream of becoming a professional Table tennis player might be now impossible.

Despite of his incapability to hold a table tennis racket, it never hinder him to achieve his dreams.His skill in table tennis is truly amazing and definitely courageous to prove to other that we shouldn’t give up in whatever dreams we have in our lives, odds are just odds, they’re always there. We have the capacity to think ahead and pursue the things we are aiming in life.

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