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You Won’t Believe How This Rhythmic Gymnast Do Her Basketball Shot! She Is Amazingly Awesome!

Basketball is a game that does not require any gender. Whatever you are and whoever you are, you can play the game as long as you know how to play it. Nowadays, basketball is one of the most favorite past time of everyone.

We have already seen basketball bloopers and basketball miracle shot in full court. But have you ever seen a basketball shot using gymnastic skills? Well, if not, the video below is going to show you that amazing basketball shot.

Gymnasts have really had an amazing skill in terms of their flexibility and balance. One of the gymnast instruments they are using is a ball. But in this video, this gymnast used basketball not in gymnastic performance, but in shooting the ball using her gymnastic skills. Watch the video below:

Everyone looks like proud of her after shooting that ball using her cartwheel skill.

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