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This Might Be The Hardest 400m Run In The World – Would You Dare To Try It?

Have you ever heard about Redbull 400? Either had I. Well, running 400m doesn’t sound like much of a challenge. But what if you were to run that 400m at an altitude close to 200m and as a pure uphill sprint? That’s race guaranteed to put your claves, quads and endurance to the ultimate test.

In the video below, 164 runners from 9 countries competed against each other trying to conquer the famous ski jump in Planica. The hardest 400m run was won by the Turk Arslan Ahmet in the men category (5:02:53), and by Austrian Teresa Stadlober in the women category (6:46:44). Watch the video below.

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(Video Source: Red Bull )

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