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This Air Show Made The People Amaze But What Happened Next Is What You Should Know. You Will Be Terrified As Your Eyes Go Along With This Flying Plane.

Have you tried witnessing an air event? Have you seen crashed airplanes in person?

The video you are about to see is the video of the Wing Walker Plane at Dayton Air Show which crashes and create a big noise and fire in landing.

As we can see the plane looks so good in flying. There’s nothing wrong that can be really seen. We can see number of people’s head who are watching the plane. The plane was able to show the inverting stunt which add a great points in winning the audience impact when suddenly it crashes. It created a big splash of fire which is terrifying for the people.

After this incident we can hear voices of the people who sounds like panicking. If we’re going to rewind this video we can see that the plane just crashed without any signs of problem. That was so quick, the pilot doesn’t seemed prepared for that kind of accident. But we are still hoping he survive.

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