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Witness This Very Amazing Experiments With Water In Zero Gravity! This Truly Defy Gravity! Wow!

We have all seen in the movies or in some footage of astronauts floating freely in space, performing twists and turns that seem to defy gravity. As a result of these portrayals, many people believe that there is zero gravity in space.

And this statement could be further from the truth. Gravity exists everywhere in the universe and is the most important force affecting all matter in space. In fact, without gravity, all matter would float and fly apart and everything would cease to exist.

This video was came from a challenge question of “how does volume affect how the spheres react to the waves?”

This video was explained by Daniel Chamudot, he said “as the volume of the sphere increases, the mass increases and the sphere will have more inertia. More of the momentum from the shot of air will go towards creating waves and less towards moving the sphere. The greater body oscillations will make more water recoil backwards than in the case of lower volume. Also, the surface oscillations will take longer to travel to the back of the sphere.”

This video shows great illustration of how does volume affects to gravity. If you like this video you can share it with your friends by clicking the buttons below.

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