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HoloLens: Real Life Holograms Unveiled As Part Of Microsoft’s Windows 10.

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Image Source: YouTube

Human beings have a unique ability to shape the world we live in. Our innovations have given us the power to transform our environment, extend our life span, create vast, interconnected societies, and even explore the stars. The technologies that have made this possible — from the simplest wooden plow to the most advanced personal computer. Today the world becoming more interconnected than it was few years ago and the reason is fast growing network technologies and Internet.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine world without Internet and network. But Microsoft isn’t satisfied. For a while now, the Windows Company has seemed to have lost its touch in the tech world. They are no longer ‘cool’. But the Bill Gates Company is trending after debuting this exciting new commercial for a hologram technology that users wear that will blend the real world with their digital online one. They call the device Microsoft HoloLens.

So what do you think of this technology? See what it can do? Open your mind to these possibilities, it is already coming. Share this video with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. And also, visit our website more often for more video updates.

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