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Behold, The Humanoid That Could Actually Drive A Bike Just Like You Do, This Is Super Cool…

The development of transportation has drastically evolved through time. Innovations have been made to make life easier. Now, you can go to different places in much faster speeds. We thought that we’re the only ones who can ride vehicles such a motorcycle. Now, a well-known company, Yamaha have launched their humanoid that could really drive a bike by its own.

Yamaha surprised everyone during the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 when a Motobot comes out riding a superbike. The Motobot can go to speeds up to 120MPH according to Engadget. Can you imagine the future that awaits us?

Watch this video now of a robot that can really drive a superbike just like you do. So amazing!

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(h/t: MotorcyclesDreams )

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