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An Easy Guide For You To Know How To Play Online Chess Using Facebook Messenger

Facebook is updating recently. From timeline up to messenger, facebook really had a great change that makes us the users enjoyed to use. No question how facebook changes our lives as well.

Online communications such as facebook become handy. They are useful for locating any places around the world, chatting and looking for a person who you knew. Like Facebook Messenger, before, it’s just like an ordinary chat program where it was only used as for communicating but now it was transformed into more exciting chat program that the user would really enjoy using it.

Facebook Messenger has this now tons of stickers, GIFs, voice messages, and money wherein you can send them freely to your chatmates and even the latest activity which you were now able to play online using this Messenger. This latest game that everyone would likely to play against is the Chess game.


To access the free play online chess on Facebook Messenger, just simply type @fbchess play and hit enter. After that, there will be a chess board appeared. To move the chess piece, just simply type your command. For example, you want to move your pawn on the left side so if you are using white, type “a3”. If you want to seek help for the instructions, just type “@fbchess help”.

There will be a basic term for each of the chess piece such as Queen for Q or King for K. This will not be easy for you to play because you should be specific with your commands by typing their precise name.

See video below to see the full demonstration.

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CREDITS: Divyang Patel, theverge

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