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How Technology Steals Dinner Time And Bond Of The Family. This Video Will Bring A Big Lesson For Everyone Of Us

Said to say that although technologies can help live our life comfortable, easier and instant, there are times that these man-made things can also destroy the time that it should spend by the whole family on the table. But as you can see the big differences from then where there are still few hi-tech gadgets than now where the attention of most kids is all there. Seems like the intimacy of the family that should be built was already stolen by the technologies.

In order to bring back the time which where the family supposed to be there together during dinner time, the Pepper hacker was made to reclaim it once again. This was created to help every mother deal with the problems which happen commonly inside the home.

Hope this video will remind every one of us that every time we spend in our family counts the most. This is our chance to make our bond more intimate.

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CREDITS: Dolmio Australia

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