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Get Ready To Jam With The New High Tech Band That Will Surely Rock Your Body!

Are you fun of listening to music? Do you love watching bands? Do you know how far our technology works when it comes to music? See this video and you will surely know.

This video will allow you see the Z-machines robot band. The famous and high tech band can be found at Faire Tokyo. From this video, there is one robot playing the drum set and on the other side is the one that’s playing guitar.

This is how bright the mind of people. People create such technologies that are very useful, entertaining and amusing to people. This is how far our world has reached now.

We hope you enjoyed watching and knowing the things you haven’t known before. Thank you so much for dropping by and reading this blog post. For more funny stories, feel free to visit this website more often.

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  • JAY October 27, 2014, 11:44 am

    hahahah..lupet <3^_^:)

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