PASALUBONG: Reflection of Filipino Thoughtfulness

PASALUBONG – Here are some facts and stories about Filipino thoughtfulness, which have been a part of Philippine culture and tradition

Pasalubong is a beloved Filipino tradition where travelers bring home gifts for their loved ones. This act of thoughtfulness and generosity shows the strong bonds between family and friends in Filipino culture.

In the Philippines, every homecoming is celebrated with joy, and one of the ways Filipinos express their love and thoughtfulness is through pasalubong. This tradition involves bringing back souvenirs or gifts from travels, meant to share the experience and happiness with those waiting at home.


Pasalubong comes from the Tagalog word “salubong,” meaning “to welcome” or “reception.” Adding the prefix “pa-” makes it “something for you when you welcome me.” It signifies the warmth and joy of being reunited with loved ones after being away.

This practice is especially meaningful for Overseas Filipinos, or balikbayans, who often return home with gifts for their families and friends.

It can take many forms, often reflecting the unique characteristics of the place visited.

Here are some types of pasalubong:

  • Food and Delicacies: Local treats and specialties are the most common. For instance, someone coming from Negros might bring back piaya (a type of sweet flatbread), while another from Hawaii might bring macadamia nuts.
  • Clothing and Accessories: Traditional garments like barong from the Philippines or cultural attire from other countries are also popular choices.
  • Souvenirs: Items like keychains, magnets, or mugs that showcase the destination’s landmarks or culture make great souvenirs.
  • Toys and Snacks: For children, toys or unique snacks from the place visited are always a hit.

This culture is more than just bringing back items; it’s about sharing a piece of the journey with those who were missed during the trip. It reflects the Filipino values of thoughtfulness and generosity.

This tradition shows Filipino culture’s thoughtfulness. It’s a way to express love, stay connected, and share memories with family and friends.

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