TSISMIS: Gossip Culture in the Philippines


TSISMIS – Here are some important things that you should know about the gossip culture in the Philippines, including its negative effects. Gossip or “tsismis” is a common part of social interaction in many cultures. It refers to casual conversation or rumors, often about other people’s personal lives, actions, or relationships. In the Philippines, gossip, … Read more

UTANG NA LOOB: Understanding the Real Meaning of This Filipino Cultural Tradition


UTANG NA LOOB – Here are some important details that may help us understand the true meaning of this Filipino cultural tradition. Utang na loob” is a Filipino term that roughly translates to “debt of gratitude” or “sense of indebtedness.” It refers to the feeling of obligation or indebtedness that one feels towards someone who … Read more

Unicorn As Scotland’s National Animal, What’s The Story Behind This?


Unicorn is more than just a mythical creature for the people of Scotland Every country has its own national animal that represents the strength of a certain nation and its people and in Scotland’s case, it is the unicorn. This mythical creature is a symbol of purity, innocence, and power in Celtic mythology, based on the … Read more

Summer Solstice 2024: Facts About ‘Longest Day Of The Year’

summer solstice

When is the Summer Solstice 2024? Summer Solstice 2024 is happening on different days every year, and it is when the Earth experiences a “longer” day than the other days of the year. This year, the Northern Hemisphere will experience the summer solstice on June 20, 2024, while those in the Southern Hemisphere, will experience it on Dec. 21, … Read more

Doll Factory: How Dolls Were Made Back In The 1960s

doll factory

This was the usual scene in a doll factory decades ago Doll Factory – Dolls may receive polarizing reactions from different people as they can look adorable for some while for some, they can be terrifying. Some people collect dolls of different sizes and appearances and at some point from different cultures. However, for some … Read more

COLONIAL MENTALITY: Definition, Origin, and Facts About This Filipino Trait

Colonial Mentality

COLONIAL MENTALITY – Here is the definition, origin, and important facts about this Filipino trait that you should know. Colonial Mentality, or “kaisipang kolonyal” in Filipino, refers to an attitude ingrained in the minds of colonized people, where they perceive themselves as inferior or weaker compared to their colonizers, affecting the way they behave and … Read more