UNDAS: Important Things You Need to Know About This Filipino Tradition


UNDAS – Here are some of the important things that you need to know about this Filipino tradition of honoring the dead. In the Philippines, UNDAS is a valued tradition that brings families together to honor their departed loved ones. It’s a time of remembrance, reflection, and togetherness, observed annually from October 31st to November … Read more

PASALUBONG: Reflection of Filipino Thoughtfulness


PASALUBONG – Here are some facts and stories about Filipino thoughtfulness, which have been a part of Philippine culture and tradition Pasalubong is a beloved Filipino tradition where travelers bring home gifts for their loved ones. This act of thoughtfulness and generosity shows the strong bonds between family and friends in Filipino culture. In the … Read more

MANO PO: An Honoring-Gesture Used in Filipino Culture

Mano Po

MANO PO – Here are some facts about this honoring-gesture that exemplifies the deep respect and strong family values inherent in Filipino culture. In the Philippines, “mano” or “pagmamano” is a valued tradition that shows deep respect for elders. This gesture involves bowing towards the hand of an elder and pressing one’s forehead to it. … Read more

MASIPAG FILIPINO TRAIT: Embracing Hard Work and Diligence


MASIPAG FILIPINO TRAIT – Here are the things you need to know about this Filipino characteristics and why it is such an important trait. The Filipino trait “masipag” stands for being hardworking and diligent. It is a quality that many Filipinos are proud of and strive to embody in their daily lives. OFWs abroad are … Read more

AMOR PROPIO: Understanding the Concept of Filipino Self-Worth

Amor Propio

AMOR PROPIO – Here are the important things we need to understand about the concept of Filipino self-worth. Amor propio is a Spanish term that means “self-love” or “self-respect.” For Filipinos, it is very important to culture, representing their desire to be treated with dignity and valued as people. It encourages self-discipline and a drive … Read more

FILIPINO HOSPITALITY: Essence of This Popular Cultural Trait

Filipino hospitality

FILIPINO HOSPITALITY – Here are some important things that you need to know about this popular cultural trail. Filipino hospitality is a deeply ingrained cultural trait that is renowned worldwide. It is characterized by warm, welcoming, and generous behavior towards guests, reflecting the value Filipinos place on relationships and community. Filipinos are known for their … Read more

DOUBLE STANDARD: Facts About This Behavior in Philippine Society


DOUBLE STANDARD – Here are some important facts about this behavior that can be observed in the Philippine society. Double standards frequently promote inequality and can cause dissatisfaction and unfairness for those who are affected by them. It refers to the application of different sets of principles or rules to similar situations or people in … Read more

CRAB MENTALITY: Negative Effects of This Harmful Mindset

Crab Mentality

CRAB MENTALITY – Here are the negative effects of this harmful mindset and characteristic to an individual’s life. Crab mentality is a term that describes a certain type of negative behavior, often observed in groups or communities. The concept is derived from the way crabs behave when they are in a bucket. Instead of helping … Read more

FILIPINO COURTESY: Etiquette & Respect Culture in the Philippines


FILIPINO COURTESY – Here are some common etiquette and respect culture in the Philippines that are being preserved until now. Courtesy refers to polite behavior, respect, and consideration for others. It includes various actions, words, and attitudes that show kindness and understanding in social interactions. Being courteous can involve simple acts such as saying “please” … Read more

KURIPOT ATTITUDE: Facts About This Filipino Trait


KURIPOT ATTITUDE – Here are some important facts that you need to know about this Filipino trait. The term “kuripot attitude” originates from the Filipino language, where “kuripot” means being frugal with money. A person with a kuripot attitude is extremely cautious and hesitant to spend money, often even on necessities or reasonable expenses. Kuripot … Read more