Black Cats: Facts About The Feline Often Called “Bad Luck”

Here are the things you must know about black cats

Since time immemorial, black cats have been perceived as signs of bad luck but these facts about them might changed people’s perspective.

There is no one black cat breed
There can be a black cat in every breed. The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) stated that there are 22 different breeds that can have solid black coats.

They can rust under the sun
Based on a video posted by the Cats YouTube channel, a black cat can rust under the sun. The black pigment in the cat’s fur breaks down to reveal its once-invisible stripes when it has heavy sun exposure.

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Most of the black cats are tabby
Looking closely, some of these cats actually have stripes or some of their body parts have lighter shades. Black panthers have the same traits.

All cats are variation of orange and black
Although cats have different colors all of them come from orange and black variations. Mutation and modifier genes are among the factors that cause the different colors.

They tend to have gray skin
This is caused by the melanin that also affects the color of their fur and eyes. Orange cats tend to have pinkish skin.

Their black fur may protect them from diseases
The mutation that causes a cat’s fur to be black is in the same genetic family that could help humans develop immunity from HIV.

They might be in danger during Halloween
Since they are perceived as bad luck and often connected to witchcraft and these sorts of things, there have been speculations that black cats are in danger during this time of the year. However, a study stated that even all year round there are maltreatment incidents against cats.

Black cat bias
Because there are biases against black cats, it is said that there are more of them who are in shelters.

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