Egypt Does Not Hold The Record For Having The Highest Number Of Pyramids

Egypt Does Not Possess The Highest Number of Pyramids

Egypt doesn’t hold the title of the world’s pyramid capital, nor does it claim that distinction in northern Africa. Instead, that honor belongs to Sudan, Egypt’s southern neighbor.

Thanks to movies, when many of us imagine a pyramid, our minds immediately transport us to Egypt, where those massive triangular tombs are closely associated with the country. However, contrary to common assumption, Egypt isn’t the global pyramid hub, nor even the primary one in northern Africa. The distinction belongs to Sudan, Egypt’s southern neighbor.

Sudan Pyramids, Egypt
Photo Source: The Japan Times

Surprisingly, Sudan boasts the highest number of pyramids globally, ranging from 200 to 255, surpassing Egypt’s count of 138. These Sudanese pyramids were not constructed by ancient Egyptians venturing southward but were instead built by the Kingdom of Kush, an ancient civilization reigning along the Nile River from 1070 BC to 350 AD.

Although the Kushites began pyramid construction about 500 years after the Egyptians, both cultures employed pyramids for the entombment of their deceased. The differences between the two are evident in size, with Kushite pyramids averaging 6 to 30 meters (20 to 98 feet) in height, compared to the average height of 138 meters (453 feet) for Egyptian pyramids.

The major concentration of Kushite pyramids is found in the ancient city of MeroĆ«, situated in modern-day Sudan. Approximately 200 out of the country’s 255 pyramids are located in this city, indicating its historical status as a flourishing metropolis.

Despite knowledge of the builders and the time period, numerous questions about the Sudanese pyramids remain unanswered. The methods used, construction duration, and the fate of the society at large are still uncertain. However, ongoing archaeological efforts in Meroƫ, employing innovative techniques such as drone scans, aim to unravel these mysteries.

Contrary to popular belief, Egypt not only lacks the highest pyramid count but also doesn’t house the world’s largest pyramid. That title goes to Mexico’s Great Pyramid of Cholula, concealed within a mountain. Thus, while Egypt’s pyramids dominate pop culture discussions, other nations boast equally remarkable structures, leaving much to be discovered about the secrets they hold.

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