Guy’s Marriage Proposal While on Plane, Girl’s Reaction is Priceless

Watch this unique marriage proposal

A guy had his marriage proposal to his girlfriend while they were on a plane and the reaction of the girl was indeed priceless.

Around the world, there were already many proposals that went viral on social media. It has been a tradition in different cultures that a man should propose to the woman he wants to get married to. Men have organized unique proposals in order to make the women of their lives feel special.

One unique proposal was what this man did when he brought his girlfriend many feet above the ground. The girl was obviously not expecting it.

marriage proposal
GoPro YT

On the official YouTube channel of GoPro, it can be seen that this unique marriage proposal has already reached 9.5 million views. Anthony took his girlfriend Katherine on a romantic flight. Just before the takeoff, Anthony said, “That’s weird.”

Katherine was wondering what was wrong. A few moments later, the girl was enjoying the ride. She even took some selfies with her boyfriend. Then, she gasped when she felt a bump. With a worried tone, she asked Anthony, “Why is it going down like that?” She said that she don’t like it.

Still having that worried expression on her face, Katherine asked her boyfriend if he knows where he was. Anthony just nodded. Then, he made her look at the map while someone appeared to be speaking to the pilot.

Katherine was already crying when the warning signal started to sound. Anthony asked his girlfriend to grab the checklist from her side. He told her not to panic and read page 2. “Verify flight ring engaged?” the girl read.

The next one on the checklist was “Initiate ring engagement process.” Anthony said that they were getting a response and Katherine answered that he was lying. He told her to continue. “Does the passenger…” she was not able to continue reading the question because she already knew what was happening.

When she read, “Will you marry the pilot in command?” Katherine covered her eyes as she was crying already. Watch what happened next.

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