Solar Eclipse Caught On Camera: Watch These Unique Videos

These videos feature the mesmerizing moment during a solar eclipse

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and there were instances that this phenomenon was captured by a camera.

When this happens, the Moon is casting a shadow on Earth that either fully or partially blocks the Sun’s light in some areas. Approximately, this natural happening lasts for 10 seconds to about 7.5 minutes. However, based on the article in Time & Date, the average occurrence of the next eclipse of the Sun is in the next 375 years.

Since this seldom happens, people could be so amazed. Here are some of the videos on TikTok showing the Solar Eclipse and the reaction of the spectators.

solar eclipse
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TitTok page GetLostWebsite shared a video that was taken back in 2017. It can be heard that people were kind of cheering when the place got totally dark. Someone said, “It’s beautiful!”

@getlostwebsite Do you remember this day? #solareclipse #solareclipse2017 #eclipse #corememory ♬ original sound – Get Lost

Netizen @Imjustculture shared a video taken on a plane when the eclipse happened and it is simply mesmerizing.

@aviationvid07 Crazy☀️🌑 #fyp #solareclipse #planeview ♬ original sound – Nathan

TikTok user @ryancarter170 shared a video of an eclipse that was captured on a beach. It can be seen that a lot of people also waited for that to happen. The gradual darkening of the place is a sight to behold, especially the round ring that was seen when the Moon covered the Sun.

@ryancarter170 Part 3 🫢😨 follow and like for more!! #foryoupage #fyp #solar #eclipse #wow #unique #crazy #xyzcba #greenscreenvideo ♬ Mirror – Lil Wayne

Another plane video during the eclipse was shared by the TikTok page Astro Launch. The Sun was seen being invaded by the shadow of the Moon.

@astrolaunch Total Solar Eclipse From A Plane 🌔 March 8, 2016 #fypシ #fyp #moon #earth #solareclipse #cool #excited #plane ♬ original sound – Astro Launch

In a post, TikTok user @_amirror described this phenomenon as “probably the most epic moment of my entire life.” In the video, the crowd was cheering also.

@_amirror probably the most epic moment of my entire life #eclipse #solareclipse ♬ original sound – amirror

In Vicuña, Chile, a solar eclipse was witnessed by the locales in 2019. TikTok user @awakenwithpam shared this beautiful moment in 2020.

@awakenwithpam #solareclipse #fyp ♬ My Tears Are Becoming A Sea – M83

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