BAHALA NA ATTITUDE: A Trait Filipinos Must Avoid

Bahala na attitude – Here are the major reasons why Filipinos must avoid this negative trait known as the ‘Come What May Attitude.

“Bahala Na” attitude is a familiar trait among Filipinos, often associated with a laid-back approach to life and a reliance on fate.

This attitude, taken from the term “Bathala na,” which means submitting one’s fate or tough situations to God, shows a fatalistic outlook—a ‘come what may’ approach to life with little thought or consideration of backup plans.


While the “Bahala Na” attittude may be considered to be lacking initiative and planning, it has its advantages. It is built on a foundation of faith and trust in a higher power, which can bring comfort and resilience during times of difficulty.

However, relying solely on the “Bahala Na” attitude as an excuse for laziness or procrastination is where the problem lies. It’s important to strike a balance between trust in a higher power and taking proactive steps towards achieving goals and overcoming challenges.

Indeed, life is filled with uncertainties that can paralyze us with doubt and fear. But waiting until it’s too late to take action can lead to missed opportunities and regrets.

Planning and preparation are important, but being overly fixated on preparing for every possible outcome can hinder progress. It’s important to remain open-minded and flexible, willing to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and seize opportunities as they arise.

Even if you’re not fully prepared, having good intentions and seizing opportunities with courage can lead to valuable learning experiences and personal growth. Life is a journey of constant learning and growth.

Embrace each opportunity to learn and evolve, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Before resigning to fate and saying “let go and let God,” consider taking a leap of faith. Remember, God is always there, waiting to catch you when you jump.

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