BALAT SIBUYAS: Understanding This Negative Filipino Trait

BALAT SIBUYAS – Here are some important facts that may help you to understand more about this negative Filipino trait.

Balat sibuyas” is a Filipino idiom that is often used to describe someone who is overly sensitive or easily offended. It literally translates to “onion skin,” implying that the person’s emotional resilience is as thin as the layers of an onion’s skin.

When someone is labeled as “balat sibuyas,” it means they are sensitive to criticism, jokes, or any form of negative feedback. There could be several reasons behind this trait.


People who have been hurt or criticized in the past may develop a defense mechanism, making them more sensitive to similar situations in the future. Negative experiences can leave emotional scars that affect how individuals perceive and react to interactions with others.

Some individuals are naturally more sensitive due to their personality traits. Traits such as empathy, introversion, and neuroticism can contribute to heightened emotional sensitivity.

These people might be more sensitive to feelings and minor changes in their surroundings, which increases their risk of experiencing hurt or overwhelm.

Individuals with low self-esteem may be more sensitive to criticism or rejection because they have a negative perception of themselves. They may internalize negative feedback and perceive it as confirmation of their incapacity.

It’s important to realize that being sensitive need not be a sign of weakness, regardless of the causes. Being emotionally sensitive can be a useful quality that helps people understand other people and handle challenging social situations.

To control their emotions and maintain emotional wellbeing, people must, nevertheless, learn effective coping strategies. It’s necessary to consider their feelings and refrain from saying anything hurtful.

Relationships that are based on mutual trust and understanding may create an accepting atmosphere where people can express themselves without worrying about criticism or mockery.

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