Color Blind People’s Reaction Seeing Vivid Colors For The First Time

These color blind people appreciate the beauty of diverse hues

Color blind people have these heartwarming reactions when they saw vivid colors for the first time in their lives through corrective eyeglasses.

Based on the record from Clinton Eye Associates, it is estimated that there are 300 million people who do not see colors vividly as normal people can. This condition is called color blindness or color vision deficiency (CVD).

This is typically inherited genetically and carried recessively on the X chromosome. Based on records there is one out of 12 men have this condition while in women, it is 1 out of 200.

color blind

Nowadays, there are ways in dealing with this condition. Some color blind people have known ways to identify the shades of gray they see in different colors. Another way is to use enchroma or special glasses made for people with color blindness.

On Tiktok, many people with this condition or their loved ones shared their experience of seeing vivid colors for the first time. They became emotional and felt grateful upon seeing what normal eyes can see. @synczero8 shared this compilation of men who saw new shades of colors. This video now has 4.5 million views.

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A color blind man personally shared on his TikTok account his reaction while watching an animated film using his corrective glasses. He got excited when he saw a horse of a different color and even asked what color it was. The man stood and went near the television screen and touched the purple horse. He was even skipping showing how excited he was seeing another horse with the color yellow.

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This woman received a sweet surprise from her softball teammates. When she put on the glasses she cried because it was her first time seeing colors what her teammates usually see.

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