Frozen Movie: Cool Facts About This Disney Animated Film

Here are the cool things about the Frozen movie

Frozen Movie – In November 2013, Disney released the movie about the adventure of two sisters in finding the value of real love.

This movie is considered one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time with almost $1.3 billion worldwide but its sequel Frozen II earned more at the box office. Based on the article in Mental Floss, here are some cool facts about Frozen.

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The production began more than 70 years before it was released.
The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen actually began around 1940. At that time, Walt Disney already wanted to adapt this and partnered with producer Samuel Goldwyn for this supposed project. However, in 1942, when World War II happened, Disney was forced to do military propaganda films for the U.S. government. Because of that, The Snow Queen project was shelved for many decades. There was an attempt in 2002 to revive this. Another attempt was in 2008 but it was put on hold in 2010.

The film has some interesting credits and disclaimers.
Frozen movie has unique credits at the end like Carlos Benavides, who was credited for the unusual reason of thing “caffeination.” It also included the names of “production babies” who were born within the period of time when the movie was being created. There was also a disclaimer about the statement of Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff).

The movie was translated into 41 languages.
Many Disney movies were translated into different languages like The Lion King. However, Frozen reached the mark of 41 translations. The signature song Let It Go sung by Idina Menzel was also translated into different languages.

The ice place took hours to render.
Elsa’s ice castle formation is one of the most iconic scenes in the animated movie. “We had at least 50 effects artists and lighting artists working together to create that long shot,” Director Jennifer Lee said. It took them more than 132 hours to finish that particular scene. Lee is the first woman to direct a Disney animated feature film.

The Frozen merchandise was selling like hotcakes.
In 2014, Barbie was ousted as the popular toy for girls for that holiday season and this title was gained by Frozen-themed toys.

Norway’s tourism boomed because of Frozen.
The fictional kingdom of Arendelle was based on a place in Norway. Some of the animators even traveled to Norway to make their animations realistic.

Elsa’s hair has about 400,000 CGI-generated strands.
Queen Elsa’s hair surpassed the approximately 100,000 CGI-animated strands of hair that Tangled‘s Rapunzel had. Disney used a program called Tonic to create Elsa’s famous ice-blonde hair.

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