Google Maps Hacks: What Else You Can Do With This App

Here are the Google Maps Hacks that you should know for your next trip

Google Maps Hacks – Here are the other things you can do with Google Maps and not just the application’s usual use.

This application is very useful in locating the place you want to go to, knowing the directions on how to get there, and taking the easiest route to your destination. However, based on the article in Mental Floss, there is still a lot that this application can do for you. Here is the list.

Set Dietary Preferences for Restaurant Results

You don’t need to search the restaurants one by one in order to know the menu that you prefer because Google Maps can do it for you.

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Click the Settings, then Food & drink preferences, and tap Dietary. You will see a wide selection of options like vegan, vegetarian, kosher, and gluten-free. From that, you search for restaurants using the app and it will show the place according to your preference.

Measure Straight Distances

Click the Satellite option in the bottom-left corner of the desktop site. Right-click on your starting point and select Measure distance from the drop-down menu after finding the area of land you want to measure. Then, click your endpoint to calculate the length of a straight line. After that, select new points on the line and drag them to where you want them to be to measure perimeters.

Find Your Parked Car

You can also use Google Maps to locate your car in a parking lot. Ask the app to save your parking spot and you can do this by clicking the blue pin that represents where you are currently and selecting Save as parking location. Just open the app and get directions to the saved pin on the map when you return to your car.

Share Your Trip With Friends

In the app, tap the bar at the bottom of the screen and hit Share trip progress. Then, Google will allow you to send your location to certain people in your contacts.

Download Maps to Get Directions Offline

Before traveling, you can search the location in Google Maps and you can open this offline. You can tap the name at the bottom of the page and select the Download option from the pop-up window.

Send Routes From Your Desktop to Your Mobile Device

Look for an icon showing an arrow pointing at a smartphone at the top of the route and when you click it, the option to send it to your phone will pop up. You can do this if you want to send to your phone what you saved on your computer.

Zoom in With One Finger

There is no need for pinching when you want to zoom in on a certain location in Google Maps. The app has a tap-to-zoom feature that simplifies this.

Check the Elevation of Your Route

Click the icon that resembles a stack of squares on the upper-right side of the app and this will allow you to add different overlays. This reveals the elevation contour lines of the area you’re looking at. From a standard map, it will turn into a topographic map. Through this, you will know the steepness of a certain area which is food for hiking and biking.

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