Popular Superstitions in the Philippines That Many Filipinos Still Believe

SUPERSTITIOUS BELIEF – Here are some of the most popular superstitions in the Philippines that many Filipinos still believe.

Superstitions are irrational beliefs or practices often based on folklore, myths, or cultural traditions rather than scientific evidence. They can encompass a wide range of beliefs, from everyday rituals to specific objects, numbers, and events believed to bring either good or bad luck.

Superstitions vary widely from one culture to another. What is considered lucky in one culture may be considered unlucky in another. It has fascinated and influenced human behavior for centuries.

Popular Superstitions

These beliefs, often rooted in folklore, mythology, and cultural traditions, are widespread across the globe. Superstitions can be both comforting and perplexing, providing a lens through which we interpret and interact with the world around us.

The Philippines, a country rich in history and tradition, has an abundance of superstitious beliefs passed down through centuries. It influences everything from personal decisions to societal events. Popular superstitions have been already a part of Filipino culture and tradition.

Here are some of the most popular superstitions in the country.

Popular Superstitions

• If you get a wound on Good Friday, it won’t heal.

• They say you shouldn’t move to a new house when pregnant.

• For married women, they must always step into the house with their right foot first to preserve their relationship.

• A tree that bears a lot of fruit will wither and stop bearing fruit if one of its fruits is craved by a pregnant woman. Her husband must urinate on the tree to restore its vitality.

• Anyone who wears inside-out socks will be cursed.

• To have good luck on a journey, the right foot should always be the first to step into the vehicle.

• If you violate traffic laws, kiss your fingers and tap the roof of your car to avoid getting caught by the police.

• When passing through a cave or tunnel, avoid breathing and make a wish while inside, and it will come true.

• Do not bathe at night.

• Do not sleep with wet hair.

• Visitors are expected when a spoon or fork falls. A falling spoon means a female visitor, while a falling fork means a male visitor.

• Sweeping at night is prohibited.

• It’s considered unlucky to see a black cat on your path.

• Clothing must be turned inside out if you get lost.

• Do not point at a rainbow.

• Red is prohibited at funerals.

• Jump on New Year’s Eve to grow taller.

• Do not try on wedding clothes.

• It’s bad luck if a mirror faces the foot of the bed.

• It’s bad to sleep with your head facing west.

• Do not share bad dreams to prevent them from coming true.

• A relative will pass away if you dream of a pulled tooth.

• Do not look back at a deceased or a coffin while it’s being taken out of the church.

• Cover the mirrors in your home while there’s a wake.

• Do not thank guests during a wake.

• Do not clear the table while others are still eating because it is believed that those left behind will not get married.

• Collect 12 round fruits for New Year as a charm for good luck.

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