We Are The World: Facts About The Making Of This Famous Pop Song

Here are the amazing facts about the hit song “We Are The World”

The song We Are The World brought together nearly 50 of America’s hottest musical superstars as this became a fund-raising anthem for African famine relief in 1985.

IN 2024, this song reached its 40th anniversary and Netflix made a tribute through the documentary The Greatest Night In Pop. Its record was remarkable from the time it was released. It dominated radio and topped the charts. Since this song was charity it was able to raise tons of money for a very worthy cause.

Actor, singer, and activist Harry Belafonte was the one who started this song when he saw a BBC report about the devastating famine in Ethiopia. With his desire to help, he contacted music manager Ken Kragen. Belafonte suggested a fundraising concert but Kragen’s proposal was that they record an all-star charity song.

we are the world
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Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson wrote the song and they finished it within a two-week. One feature of the song that they really made sure to be there was that it would sound timeless.

The song recording was a big challenge. Gathering a bunch of artists to record We Are The World was not that easy. They recorded this at the A&M Recording Studios in Los Angeles on January 28, 1985. That was right after the American Music Awards, which were held the same evening at the nearby Shrine Auditorium.

Prince’s absence in the song was noticeable. He was present at AMA but not during the recording and this was attributed to his rivalry with Michael Jackson. Madonna was also not part of the song and this was because Ken Kragen wanted Cindy Lauper.

If there were artists who were not included in the song, a comedian was accidentally present. Comedian Dan Aykroyd said that he and his father were interviewing business managers on the day of the recording session. Unexpectedly, they wound up in the office of a talent manager who invited them to join the recording.

Bob Dylan was having a “nervous breakdown” over how to handle his solo portion of the song, Lionel Richie said. “He’s trying to sing it. And we said, ‘No, we don’t want you to sing it, just do it like Bob Dylan,’” Richie shared.

Another historic song that the world enjoyed was the epic Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

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