Common Wedding Superstitions in the Philippines

WEDDING – Here are some of the common wedding superstitions in the Philippines that are still believed today.

A wedding is a special day when two people decide to join their lives together and promise to love and take care of each other. It’s like a big party filled with joy, love, and lots of celebrations.

Before the big day, there’s a lot of planning involved. The couple, with the help of their families and friends, decides where and when the wedding will take place. They also choose what the bride, groom, and everyone else will wear.

Common Wedding Superstitions

The heart of the wedding is the ceremony. This is where the couple officially becomes husband and wife. They say special words to each other, promising to be there for one another through thick and thin. Often, there’s a person called a “minister” or “officiant” who helps them with these important promises.

During this digital age, some Filipinos still hold strong beliefs in wedding superstitions passed down from our ancestors.

Many Filipino traditions related to weddings and marriage are based on superstitions, some of which may not seem logical. However, because there’s nothing to lose by following them, some people prefer to adhere to these practices for good luck.

While some remain skeptical about these practices, others still find them important, especially when they are part of the Filipino culture.

Here are some of Filipino wedding superstitions:

  • The newlywed wife should sew or attach a swan’s feather on her husband’s pillow to ensure faithfulness.
  • The person who catches the tossed bouquet will be the next to marry.
  • Giving a bouquet of flowers is considered lucky for the newlyweds.
  • Any woman following the path of the newlyweds into the church will also get married soon.
  • The first items brought into the newlywed’s home should be rice and salt.
  • The couple’s life will be prosperous if their pet rooster crows continuously.
  • Rain on the wedding day symbolizes abundance in their life together.
  • The man should walk ahead of the woman when leaving the church to avoid bad luck.
  • The bride must step on the groom’s foot while walking to the altar to establish dominance.
  • A band should escort the newlyweds to ward off negative energy.
  • Don’t get married during a “sukob” year (marriage superstition).
  • They say accidents are likely to happen to couples, especially when the wedding date is approaching.
  • It’s considered unlucky for the groom to see the bride wearing her wedding dress before the wedding day.
  • Trying on the wedding dress before the wedding day is believed to bring bad luck.
  • Couples should be careful on their wedding day to avoid mishaps.
  • It’s not a good idea to give knives or anything sharp as a gift.
  • Couples should offer an egg to Saint Clara to prevent rain on their wedding day.

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