Egypt Does Not Hold The Record For Having The Highest Number Of Pyramids

Sudan Pyramids, Egypt

Egypt Does Not Possess The Highest Number of Pyramids Egypt doesn’t hold the title of the world’s pyramid capital, nor does it claim that distinction in northern Africa. Instead, that honor belongs to Sudan, Egypt’s southern neighbor. Thanks to movies, when many of us imagine a pyramid, our minds immediately transport us to Egypt, where … Read more

Sweet Caroline: The Mysteries In Neil Diamond’s Hit Unraveled

sweet caroline neil diamond

Neil Diamond created a music gem called “Sweet Caroline” Singer-songwriter Neil Diamond popularized the song Sweet Caroline which has become a go-to karaoke song for people in his generation and even the younger ones. Neil created this song in his hotel room in Memphis in 1969. Based on the article in Mental Floss, this was … Read more

5 Intriguing Facts About Fingerprints

fingerprint facts 1

Here Are Few Details About Fingerprints FINGERPRINT – In this article, you will uncover a total of five (5) intriguing insights that explore the fascinating world of fingerprints. You’ve likely been told that your fingerprints are distinctive, with no one else globally having the same ridge pattern on their fingertips as you. This uniqueness has … Read more

Top Filipino Superstitions & Beliefs About Wakes & Funerals

Top Filipino Superstitions

FUNERAL PRACTICES – Here are the most popular Filipino superstitions and beliefs about wakes and funerals. Wakes and funerals have long been associated with a lot of traditions and superstitions, woven into the fabric of various cultures. These beliefs often stem from a mix of ancient customs, cultural practices, and perhaps a touch of human … Read more

Dolphin Facts: 6 Mind-Blowing Facts About These Intelligent Marine Marvels


Unveiling the Astonishing World of Dolphins DOLPHIN FACTS – This article will unveil six (6) mind-blowing facts about dolphins’ extraordinary world. Dolphins are admired for their intelligence, captivating vocalizations, amicable interactions with humans, and their love for surfing. However, beyond their entertaining qualities, dolphins showcase extraordinary physiological abilities and engage in surprising behaviors. Here are … Read more