Oro Plata Mata: Famous Filipino Superstition in Home Construction

Oro Plata Mata

ORO PLATA MATA – Here are some important things you need to know about this Filipino superstition in home construction. Oro, Plata, Mata” is a Filipino phrase that translates to “Gold, Silver, Death” in English. reflects the socioeconomic hierarchy present in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation in World War II. “Oro” represents gold, symbolizing … Read more

Heart Emoji Meanings: A Guide On How To Use These Emojis (Basic)

heart emoji meanings

Here are the heart emoji meanings that you should know Heart Emoji Meanings – Many emojis are being used as part of communication through phone or social media but do you know the proper uses of these different emojis? Right now, there are more than 40 emojis that use a heart, based on the article … Read more

Social Media Misconceptions: What You Need To Know

social media misconceptions

What you need to know about social media Social Media Misconceptions – There are several misconceptions about social media that many people might have believed until now. Social media has become a big part of many people’s lives in this modern generation. Through social media, people can share anything online and connect with everyone in … Read more

Popular Superstitions Concerning Menstrual Period

Menstrual Period

MENSTRUATION – Here are some of the popular superstitions in the Philippines concerning menstrual period. Menstruation, often referred to as a woman’s period, is a completely natural and normal part of life. It is a process that happens to females as they grow up and usually begins around the age of 12 or 13, but … Read more

Popular Health-Related Superstitions in the Philippines

Health-Related Superstitions

HEALTH SUPERSTITIONS – Here are some of the most widely believed health-related beliefs in the Philippines. Health is a complete condition of physical, mental, and social well-being, not only the absence of disease or disability. It includes many areas of a person’s life, including their physical state, mental and emotional well-being, and social relationships. Achieving good … Read more

Top Superstitions for Lucky Home That You Should Know

Lucky Home

SUPERSTITIONS – Here are some of the most popular beliefs for a lucky home that you should know. In the Philippines, Filipinos have fascinating beliefs passed down through generations, especially when it comes to making our homes lucky and filled with positive energy. Even in this modern age, many people still follow these superstitions, finding … Read more

December’s Top 3 Romantic Comedy Picks on Netflix


3 Must-Watch Romantic Comedy Movies On Netflix ROMANTIC COMEDY – Check out these three (3) romantic comedy films on Netflix to add a touch of warmth to your December. December has come, marking the beginning of the festive season. As Christmas and New Year’s draw near, there’s no reason to wait to embrace the holiday … Read more

BAPTISM: Popular Superstitions Surrounding Christening Ceremony


BAPTISM – Here are some of the most popular superstitions surrounding christening ceremony in the Philippines. In many cultures, baptism is a sacred and joyful ceremony that brings families together to celebrate the acceptance of a newborn into the community of religion. Aside from the religious meaning, other superstitions and beliefs have arisen around the … Read more

7 Fascinating Shark Facts

Shark Facts

Here are 7 Amazing Shark Facts SHARK FACTS – Here are seven (7) jaw-dropping facts that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about sharks. Thanks to the 1975 blockbuster Jaws, an entire generation has grown up with the misconception that sharks are aggressive creatures actively seeking to attack anything in their path. … Read more

Pyramid Schemes: Alleged Scams In The Business World

pyramid schemes

Here are some of the alleged pyramid schemes Pyramid Schemes – In the world of business, these alleged schemes or scams caught the attention of many people. A pyramid scheme or scam relies on the recruitment of people to sell a product. It is more often retail-oriented. In this kind of business, recruits have to … Read more