COLONIAL MENTALITY: Definition, Origin, and Facts About This Filipino Trait

COLONIAL MENTALITY – Here is the definition, origin, and important facts about this Filipino trait that you should know.

Colonial Mentality, or “kaisipang kolonyal” in Filipino, refers to an attitude ingrained in the minds of colonized people, where they perceive themselves as inferior or weaker compared to their colonizers, affecting the way they behave and think.

It stems from a history of colonization, where the colonized population adopts certain beliefs and values of their colonizers, often leading to a sense of inferiority.

Colonial Mentality

In many cases, Colonial Mentality manifests as an admiration or preference for the culture and products of foreign countries over one’s own. For instance, in the Philippines, many people exhibit a fondness for Korean culture, often emulating gestures, clothing styles, and other aspects.

This admiration for foreign cultures can sometimes lead to a devaluation of one’s own culture and traditions.

Historically, during colonization, those with fair skin, often of mixed-race heritage, were perceived as superior, leading to the glorification of fair skin in many cultures, including the Philippines.

As a result, some Filipinos resort to using skin-whitening products to achieve a lighter complexion, perpetuating the belief that fair skin is more beautiful or desirable.

It can also be observed in the preference for imported goods over locally-made products. This preference is often driven by the perception that foreign-made products are of higher quality or status.

For example, many Filipinos may choose to purchase Nike shoes over locally-made footwear from Marikina due to the belief that foreign brands are more fashionable or prestigious.

It affects various aspects of individuals’ lives, from their perceptions of beauty to their consumer preferences.

Individuals and cultures can work toward regaining their cultural history, building self-confidence, and advancing social justice and equality for everyone by acknowledging and fighting colonial mentality.

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