Misconceptions About Japan

Here are the misconceptions about Japan

Misconceptions About Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun is one of the most progressive countries in Asia, however, not everything that people think about his country is true.

Here are the common misconceptions of many people about this country, based on that video from Mental Floss.

Japan is the cutting edge of technology

This thinking came from the fact that VHS and DVD players had Japanese origins. Appliance brands from Japan also filled many households like Panasonic, Hitachi, Sanyo, and more.

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However, in reality, Japan’s technology is not far high up from other countries. Certain areas are actually lagging. One example is that many companies in Japan still use fax machines.

Everyone eats sushi

Sushi is a popular Japanese cuisine. It may be thought by other races that Japanese people are obsessed with this food as it is perceived that this originated in their country. However, the first mention of sushi can be attributed to China and Thailand 1600 years ago. Sushi is not usually part of the everyday diet of people in Japan the way Americans eat oatmeal or egg for breakfast.

Japan is super expensive

The cost of living in Japan is not as high as in New York or Singapore. Japan is even less expensive than Switzerland, England, or Australia. There are affordable hostels around Kyoto for as little as 25 bucks a night.

Japan is crowded

Tokyo is the most populous metropolitan with 37 million people and this created a perception that the city is too crowded to the point that apartments have an average size of 95 square feet. Tokyo is a busy city but the whole Japa is like this.

Japanese game shows are weird

This is just a case of getting the most extreme example and applying it to the whole aspect of a certain thing. Just like other countries, Japanese game shows also had some simple charades and all. In the 1980s, the game show Takeshi’s Castle gained popularity not just in Japan but in other countries as well. This created this misconception.

A lot of people around the globe also have misconceptions about Social Media.

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