KURIPOT ATTITUDE: Facts About This Filipino Trait

KURIPOT ATTITUDE – Here are some important facts that you need to know about this Filipino trait.

The term “kuripot attitude” originates from the Filipino language, where “kuripot” means being frugal with money. A person with a kuripot attitude is extremely cautious and hesitant to spend money, often even on necessities or reasonable expenses.

Kuripot individuals often go to great lengths to save money, sometimes to the point of depriving themselves or others of basic necessities or comforts. They are hesitant to spend money on things they deem unnecessary or extravagant, even if it means sacrificing quality of life or missing out on opportunities.


Frugal individuals are resourceful and creative in finding ways to save money or obtain goods and services at minimal cost.

The frugal attitude can stem from various factors such as cultural influences, past experiences with money, upbringing, and personal beliefs about financial security and material possessions.

Despite the negative comments associated with being kuripot, some individuals take pride in their ability to save money and view it as a virtue rather than a flaw.

While saving money is important, it’s important to strike a balance and avoid letting a frugal attitude negatively impact one’s quality of life or relationships.

Creating a realistic budget that allocates funds for both savings and discretionary spending can help individuals feel more comfortable with their financial decisions.

Practicing mindfulness and being aware of one’s spending habits can help individuals identify areas where they may be overly frugal or irrational in their spending. Aligning spending with personal values and priorities can help individuals make more intentional and fulfilling spending choices.

If frugal attitudes are causing distress or impacting relationships, seeking support from a financial counselor or therapist can be beneficial in addressing underlying beliefs and behaviors.

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