Why Cats Knock Things Over

This is the reason why cats are doing this kind of behavior

Cats have the tendency to knock things over and this is the best explanation for this specific behavior of this animal.

If you have a cat, you will certainly notice that there are times when your pet would go up on a table and knock whatever item on it. This would be something that makes new pet owners wonder but this is just a normal behavior that a cat has.

Based on the article in catscratching.com, a cat uses its paws a lot and it tends to bat things around just so they can chase them.


It is even more fun for a cat to knock something off a high spot. This animal feels that it is something interesting when it sees a thing falling down and this became a habit as it made find it fun to do.

Usually, indoor cats can get bored easily and in order to avoid this, they tend to find things that are interesting to them. They would do something that triggers their hunting and chasing instinct, and this makes them excited.

It is called positive reinforcement. This can be a good training method for your feline pet. You can use objects that look, sound, and act funny when they fall. For a cat, the reinforcement can mean that the cat gets the attention of its owner. A cat also has the tendency to run to where the banging or crashing sound came from even if it is in another room.

However, this can be dangerous as well because there might breakable objects that will catch the attention of your cat and these might hurt them. As much as possible, don’t put your cat near breakable items or you can put adhesive on the place where you put certain objects.

If you’re cat is about to knock things over, don’t yell at it or run over to where it is but make a funny and interesting sound to divert your pet’s attention. You can also try the clicker training in teaching your cat to behave and make sure to give your pet enough interactive playtime. Use toys as well to keep your cat busy if you are not playing with it. If you own a black cat, here are the things you must know about your pet.

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