December’s Top 3 Romantic Comedy Picks on Netflix

3 Must-Watch Romantic Comedy Movies On Netflix

ROMANTIC COMEDY – Check out these three (3) romantic comedy films on Netflix to add a touch of warmth to your December.

December has come, marking the beginning of the festive season. As Christmas and New Year’s draw near, there’s no reason to wait to embrace the holiday cheer. Take this opportunity to start the season by indulging in the best Christmas movies that Netflix has to offer.

Romantic comedies are especially suitable for the Christmas season, with their heartwarming messages and uplifting themes. This month, we’ve picked out three excellent romantic comedies on Netflix for your enjoyment. Considering the December atmosphere, our choices revolve around the joy and festivity of Christmas.

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Holidate (2020)

Lots of people cherish the festive holiday season, marked by joyous gatherings and a multitude of gifts, creating an opportunity to strengthen connections with friends and family. In contrast, Sloane (portrayed by Emma Roberts from American Horror Story) and Jackson (played by Luke Bracey) harbor a strong dislike for the holidays. They detest navigating through awkward social events and enduring family gatherings without a significant other.

After a chance encounter, they decide to become each other’s “holidate” for various special occasions, including New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and more. However, as the story unfolds, mirroring a familiar theme in many romantic comedies, pretending to have a romantic connection works seamlessly until genuine emotions enter the equation. That’s when things inevitably become complicated.

The Princess Switch (2018)

Vanessa Hudgens has solidified her position as one of Netflix’s favored actresses for Christmas romantic comedies. Her journey into Netflix stardom began in 2018 with The Princess Switch. In this film, Vanessa plays Stacy De Novo, a hardworking baker from Chicago selected to participate in a cooking competition in the Kingdom of Belgravia. Accompanied by her close friend Kevin (Nick Sagar) and his daughter Olivia (Alexa Adeosun), Stacy unexpectedly crosses paths with Lady Margaret Delacourt, a character also portrayed by Hudgens. Lady Margaret is on the brink of marrying Edward Wyndham (Sam Palladio), the Prince of Belgravia.

The striking resemblance between Stacy and Margaret prompts the two women to exchange lives for a week. This switch results in unforeseen romantic complications: Margaret, assuming Stacy’s identity, develops feelings for Kevin, while Stacy, now in the role of the prince’s intended bride, discovers her own attraction to the Prince. The storyline shares similarities with The Parent Trap, infused with the festive charm of a holiday romantic comedy.

A California Christmas (2020)

Joseph Van Aston, portrayed by Josh Swickard, is fortunate to have been born into affluence, being the son of a prosperous real estate magnate. Leading a life of luxury, Joseph is confronted with a crucial three-week deadline to convince Callie Bernet, played by Lauren Swickard, to sell her Petaluma farm, with a job promotion hanging in the balance. Upon his arrival, Joseph is initially mistaken for a ranch hand but decides to assume the role to get closer to Callie and her family. However, things take an unexpected turn as Joseph not only develops emotional attachments but also falls in love with Callie, adding a layer of complexity to his original mission.

“A California Christmas” embodies the essence of an elevated Hallmark Christmas movie, featuring the heartwarming themes commonly associated with such films. What distinguishes it is its ability to delve into more mature subject matter while maintaining a PG-13 rating. Rest assured, “A California Christmas” retains its charming allure, making it an ideal choice for a delightful date night film.

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