Top Superstitions for Lucky Home That You Should Know

SUPERSTITIONS – Here are some of the most popular beliefs for a lucky home that you should know.

In the Philippines, Filipinos have fascinating beliefs passed down through generations, especially when it comes to making our homes lucky and filled with positive energy. Even in this modern age, many people still follow these superstitions, finding joy in traditions that connect us to our roots.

Amidst the changing times and evolving cultures, many Filipino traditions and beliefs remain steadfast, especially when it comes to superstitions. Many people continue to hold on to these beliefs, especially those believed to bring good luck.

Lucky Home

Even today, we carry with us the superstitions inherited from our ancestors, whether it’s about food, customs, or even building a house.

Here are some superstitions for a lucky home

The Main Door Should Face the Sunrise

When constructing a house, position the main door where it faces the rising sun. It is believed that the sunrise brings prosperity to the home.

Place the Kitchen in the East

Constructing the kitchen on the eastern side of the house is considered lucky. This is believed to bring luck and joy to everyone who partakes in the meals prepared in this kitchen.

Keep the Bathroom Away from the Kitchen

Keep the bathroom away from the kitchen, not only to maintain cleanliness in food preparation but also out of respect for the sacredness of the act of eating.

Doors Should Not Face Each Other

Doors should not face each other directly, and beds should not align with doors. This practice is believed to prolong one’s life.

Ensure Spaciousness in the Home

According to tradition, spaciousness and well-circulated air prevent the negative energy associated with confined spaces.

Bury Medals and Coins in the Foundation

Burying medals and coins in the foundation of the house is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to the family living in it. These coins, whether old or new, are said to contribute to the family’s financial well-being.

Bury Chili and Salt in the Foundation

To ward off negative spirits, some Filipinos bury chili and salt in the foundation of the house.

Bury Old Books

Burying old books during the construction of the house is believed to bring intelligence to the children residing there. Some even suggest burying pages related to music to promote harmony in the family.

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